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Best Rental Property Improvements That You Can Make On A Budget

Looking for a new home

Are you planning on upgrading your Monterey area rental property? If so, there are a variety of rental property improvements that you can make which are budget friendly and will enable you to increase the value of your property. In this video, you will learn some of the most common rental property improvements that you […]

Property Management Tips – How To Remove Smells From A Rental Property

Did your tenant recently move out of your Salinas area rental property and after you inspected it, you found that it has a strange smell? Even though your rental property may look great on the outside, the reality is that if it smells funny on the inside, this is going to make it harder for […]

Tips For Buying A Turnkey Rental Property In Monterey County

Are you planning on buying a turnkey rental property in Monterey County? If so, a turnkey rental property is a great way to start earning income from that property immediately but there are several things that you should start doing immediately including the following. #1 – Inspect The Condition Of The Property Even though the […]

Which Rental Property Upgrades Should You Make In 2020?

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Are you planning on updating your Monterey or Salinas area rental property in 2020? If so, you come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a list of several updates, or improvements, that you should consider making to your Monterey area rental property this year. New paint One of the […]

The Unseen Costs Of Extending The Eviction Moratorium

california eviction moratorium

In March 2020, Covid-19 caught everyone off guard in California and there’s no doubt that having a moratorium on evictions was necessary to keep thousands of people off the streets but as the eviction moratorium moves into it’s 4th month, there’s been little talk in the media about the unseen costs of the eviction moratorium. […]

Need help renting your vacant rental property? Contact us today!

Need help renting your vacant Monterey area rental property? If so, we can help! At 36 North Property Management we specialize in full service property management and we can assist you with the marketing services that you need to get your property rented fast. Once your property is rented, you can count on us to […]

Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Self Manage Multiple Rental Properties

Do you own one or more rental properties in the Central Valley and are planning on adding another property to your portfolio of investment properties? Even though you may have gotten used to self managing 1-2 rental properties in recent years, your responsibilities will only grow when you add an additional property to your portfolio. […]

State of California Issues Executive Order Continuing To Allow Local Eviction Bans

The statewide eviction ban may be close to coming to an end but that hasn’t stopped the Governor and lawmakers from throwing their support behind local governments in their efforts to continue local eviction bans. This was to be expected since multiple lawsuits against the Statewide eviction ban may be bringing that to a close […]