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Reasons why short term rentals are overrated

Since 2008, many investors have purchased short term rental properties like Aibnb’s because of the profits that come from owning these rental properties but the big questions are they overrated in 2020? The answer to this question is yes. Why Are Short Term Rental Properties Overrated? 1. It’s a new business model Airbnb was founded […]

Short Term Rental Ban Finalized in Downtown Carmel, California

There’s no denying that short-term rental properties in California have become increasingly popular in recent years especially thanks to companies like Airbnb which have made it very easy for local owners to turn their investment properties into short-term rentals. In spite of the popularity of short-term rentals though, there has been growing opposition to short […]

Will Short Term Rentals Soon Become A Thing of The Past? Carmel, CA Says Yes

There’s no denying that California is suffering from a lack of long-term rental properties now but is banning short term rentals the answer? With opposition to short term rental properties growing, more cities, including Carmel, CA are stepping up to ban these rentals. Preserving Housing Supply The city of Carmel isn’t alone with banning short […]