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How to Rent A Vacant Rental Property Fast

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Do you have a vacant Monterey County rental property? If so, there’s nothing worse than having a vacancy because that vacant rental could be affecting your cash flow. Thankfully, filling vacant rental properties is easier than you think especially if you follow these tips: Start advertising You don’t need an empty unit before the property […]

More Fire Safety Tips Every Landlord Should Know

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Recent wildfires in California, including the Camp Fire, are responsible for destroying countless homes and taking dozens of lives. When it comes to fire the only thing that matters is saving lives and you can give your tenants a fighting chance by following these tips at your rental properties Educate tenants on proper fire procedures […]

The Best Upgrades That You Should Make to Your Rental Property

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Are you planning on upgrading your Monterey County rental property in 2019? If so, in this article we will share with you upgrades you should consider making to your rental property that will without a doubt pay off in 2019. 1. Lay out the welcome mat with landscaping While renovating the front yard can be […]

Happy Thanksgiving From 36 North Property Management!

Happy Thanksgiviing

  Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at 36 North Property Management! We sure have a lot to be thankful for this year and hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy holidays! Thanksgiving Trivia As a nation, the US has celebrated Thanksgiving off and on since 1774. In 1789 George Washington […]

How To Change The Air Filter In Your Home

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With air quality in Monterey County being the poorest it’s been in decades due to the wild fires, it’s more important than ever before for everyone to change the air filters for their central air conditioners because, this will help to insure continued good air quality inside the home. Whеrе tо Fіnd the Aіr Filter […]

Common Tenant Complaints And How To Fix Them

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Tired of dealing with tenant complaints? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will share with you the most common tenant complaints and how you can deal with them. Maintenance рrоblеmѕ With maintenance іѕѕuеѕ being the mоѕt common рrоblеm plaguing most tenants, the fіrѕt step to handling ѕuсh complaints quickly […]

How To FireProof Your Rental Property

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With fire season in California officially in full swing it’s more important for landlords and investors to make sure that their rental properties are fireproof because, one ember that’s caught in the air can easily land on a roof, brush, debris or wood pile and ignite any home or property that’s nearby. In this article […]

How To Choose A Profitable Investment Property

Monterey county investment property

Are you planning on searching for investment property in Monterey County? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we will share with you several tips you can use for finding the right investment property Price  Nоt еvеrу рrореrtу уоu invest іn has tо be a “bаrgаіn”, but you ѕhоuld nеvеr рау […]

Tips For Attracting Families To Your Monterey County Rental Property

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Are you interested in attracting families to your Monterey County Rental Property but don’t know how to get started? In this article we will provide you with several tips you can use for attracting a family that may be interested in living in your rental property. Attrасt Families to Yоur Rеntаl Prореrtіеѕ: Tір #1 Promote […]

Prop 10 Defeated – Costa Hawkins Stays For Now

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There’s no doubt that the November 2018 elections will go down in history as the most contentious ever mainly because of Proposition 10, the widely debated ballot measure that if approved, would have meant that Costa Hawkins would no longer be law in California and cities would start implementing rent control on a grand scale. […]