Recent wildfires in California, including the Camp Fire, are responsible for destroying countless homes and taking dozens of lives.

When it comes to fire the only thing that matters is saving lives and you can give your tenants a fighting chance by following these tips at your rental properties

Educate tenants on proper fire procedures

Make sure tenants are informed about what do to when a fire occurs, and always have a fire extinguisher handy. Additionally, make sure they are aware that grease fires must be smothered rather than extinguished with liquid, as pouring water on a grease fire can turn explosive.

Teach children about fire safety

Tenants should establish fire safety rules for their children (such as restricting cooking activity when a responsible adult is not home and not playing with lighters or matches) and teach them what do to when a fire occurs. provides kid-friendly videos, activities and games to educate children on fire safety.

Check and maintain smoke detectors

Three out of five home fire deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke alarms, according to The U.S. Fire Administration. The organization recommends for alarms to be tested monthly, and for batteries to be replaced twice per year.

Don’t leave stoves or open flames unattended

Avoid walking away from the stove, as leaving for even a minute or two can turn deadly. Additionally, do not leave cloth hot pads or kitchen towels too close to the burner. Never leave a candle or any other type of open flame unattended in any part of the home.

Take precautions while grilling

Irresponsible use of a grill too close to the property can quickly turn to disaster. Take care to keep any grilling flame low and controlled. Refrain from using any squirted or launched accelerant (such as lighter fluid) in a showy attempt at entertaining others.

Regularly inspect kitchen appliances

Periodically inspect the condition of all electrical appliances, including the microwave. Check vents for dust, pet hair and other clogs. Also inspect cords for exposed wire and while you are inspecting, make sure the outlets are not overloaded.

Position storage items away from potential flames

Don’t store items you need to get to while cooking over the stove, as reaching across a hot stove can lead to serious burns.

Be aware of smoking hazards

Tenants should never smoke in the home when tired, after drinking, while medicated or when they are likely to become drowsy. While kitchen accidents are more likely to cause fires, fires started with a cigarette are more likely to result in a fatality.

Fire safety is a collaborative effort between tenant and property manager. To keep single family rental properties and precious human lives safe, care and awareness of hazard and safety protocol is essential. Get more fire safety tips from The National Fire Prevention Association, which can be downloaded and distributed to tenants.

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