What is Co-working?

Co-working is a shared work environment. We have been seeing this concept pop up in many locations all over the state. This concept provides new and established businesses and non-profits the ability to grow and contract with ease. It also provides great networking opportunities in a creative environment. Our work-stations provide a quiet environment that give a nice break from distractions at home. We also provide a conference room large enough to fit 12-15 people, which can be rented separately to non-members.

How does it work?

You have the options of renting on a month-to-month bases, with discounts offered for one-year contracts. We offer cubicles to open seating and offer conference hours from 2-6 hours based on the membership type you select. Non-members may also rent the conference room on an hourly bases.

When is the space open?

Memberships are offered from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday to 24/7 access.

Are the spaces secured?

Yes, we have high-tech camera surveillance in every room that runs 24/7. We also provide, as an “Additional Option”, locking file cabinets. We do ask the following of our members;

  • Never leave doors propped open.
  • Make sure all entry doors are locked when you enter and leave
  • Never let anyone in unless they are your guest
  • Never let your guests access the space without you with them

Do I have access to office supplies?

Yes, we provide a printer, scanner and fax.

Is there a lunch/break-room?

Yes, we provide bottled water, coffee and snacks.

What if I need to arrange use of the conference room?

It’s easy, log onto and sign-up to the back-end which will bring you to the calendar. Check if the date and time you need is free and reserve a space from there.

We offer a conference room that fits 12-15 people. We have a 60″ TV with hook ups for your lab top to give a presentation.

Can I rent the entire space?

Yes, and our members receive discounted rates. Please contact to schedule and event.

Can I bring a Non-member with me?

Yes, if you have a meeting with a colleague and it is not disruptive to other members you are welcome to be in the open spaces. If your guest would like to stay and work they need to purchase a guest pass.

All children need to be watched and attended to at all times.
Please no pets.

What is an issue arises?

If it is a non-emergency please send and email to and if there is an EMERGENCY please call 911 or contact Audrey Wardwell at 831-484-4604 during business hours.

For more information or to become a member, call Audrey Wardwell at (831) 484-4604.