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How to Provide Close-Up Care for a Senior Who is Far Away

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Globalization and digital technology give modern people opportunities unimagined by past generations. But for everything, there is a price. Our society’s newfound mobility can weaken the bonds that once kept us in close touch with family and friends. This can make caring for an older person challenging, especially when the distance separating you from your […]

Tenant Relocation during Maintenance & Repairs

Once a property owner has entered into a rental agreement with a tenant and has handed over the keys, the tenant has the exclusive right to possession of the dwelling unit. Moreover, when tenants enter into the rental agreement, the owner agrees to provide the premises (in a habitable condition) in exchange for the tenant’s […]

Habitability Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities of the Owner and Tenant

  California law requires residential rental property owners to deliver and maintain their rental units in a habitable condition, this legal principle is called the warranty of habitability. Though originally created by the California Supreme Court in 1974, the California Legislature has codified many of the principles of the warranty of habitability in the Civil […]