Are you thinking about updating the siding on your Monterey area rental property? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Siding is one of the most important aspects of a rental property because it’s obviously what protects it from the heavy rains that we can have in the Monterey area and also the heat during the summer months.

In this article we will share with you several tips that you should consider before investing in new siding for your rental property.

Should you consider wood siding?

One of the most common forms of siding on rental properties in the Monterey area, and across the United States is wood.

Many homeowners in the Monterey area have homes which were built between the 1940’s and the 1960’s that have wood siding. Although these homes look iconic, they can be difficult to maintain and can cost the homeowner a significant amount of money on an annual basis when it comes to treating the wood for termites, pest infestations, and also repainting.

Ultimately your choice to invest in wood siding for rental property is up to you but, if your goal is to invest in siding that is going to last for at least 20-30 years without you having to replace it, or treat it, then you should consider choosing another form of siding for your property.

Is Vinyl Siding the Best Option?

Vinyl siding is without a doubt one of the best options for any rental property because the simple fact that it’s cost-effective, easy to install, doesn’t take a lot to maintain and it’ll last for years to come.

Most property managers prefer vinyl siding over wood, or aluminium, because of the simple fact that even they can easily spray down the sides of their rental property with a hose every year to clean and or wash the rental property with simple cleaning solution and power washer, rather than having to spend thousands of dollars maintaining the siding on their rental property as they would with another property.

If you prefer wood vs. vinyl siding, the good news is that most vinyl siding in today’s world can be replicated to look just like wood so that you can have the same look on your rental property as vinyl siding for a lot less.

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