Do you have a property management team? If you’re like most investors who have been managing their rental properties themselves, the answer to this question would be no, because you’re doing all the work to manage your rental property yourself.

Sadly, even though many investors think that self-managing a rental property is the way to go, the truth is that self-managing a rental property in Monterrey, or else were in the United States, is very time consuming.

What’s the solution to the problem?

The solution to the problem of managing your rental property yourself is to hire a property management company like 36 North Property Management.

Owned by Audrey and Jeff Wardell, the team at 36 North Property Management have decades of combined property management experience. We can offer you a wide variety of property management services ranging from marketing, tenant selection, rent collection, accounting, maintenance and so much more!

Let us help you grow your portfolio of investment properties

Many times, one of the primary reasons why investors choose to self-manage their rental properties is because they think that they are going to save money by not having to pay a property manager and this could not be farther from the truth.

Why? If you’re doing everything yourself, including maintenance, having to perform one big maintenance job on your rental property could eat up hundreds of hours of your time in a month and this means that you will have lost money doing that work yourself when you could have hired a property management company with a maintenance team to do that work for you.

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