If you own rental properties in California, there’s no denying that you’re familiar with Section 8 and may be considering turning one or more of your properties into a Section 8 rental.

Before moving forward with Section 8, this article will provide you with the pros and cons of Section 8 so you will know if it’s the right decision for you to make for your investment property.

Section 8 Pro’s

Since it’s inception in the 1930’s, Section 8 has been a stable housing program that’s made it possible for landlords to rent their properties for fair market rates.

Some of the pro’s pf Section 8 include the following:

  • Consistent Income – Your tenant will pay a portion of their monthly rent and the Government will send you the other portion of the rent on a monthly basis.
  • Stable Tenants – Since rents in California are high in most cities, Section 8 tenants are stable renters who know the value of the rent that they are paying and they may be inclined to renew their leases with you after 12 months.
  • Low Vacancy Rate – Another benefit of Section 8 is that you will never have to worry about vacancies again because as soon as your rental property is about to become vacant, Section 8 will advertise the rental on your website.

Section 8 Con’s

As with anything in life, Section 8 does have some “cons” to consider before you turn your rental into a Section 8 rental property.

  • Annual property inspections.
  • The security deposit isn’t paid by HUD.
  • HUD also doesn’t make the voucher payment until the tenant moves in.
  • Some prospective tenants may not want to live in your multifamily rental property if you have Section 8 tenants

Before choosing Section 8 it’s best to consider the pro’s and cons then weigh the importance of turning your investment property into a Section 8 rental or not.

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