Is your Monterey, CA investment property stuck in the 1990’s? Unless your tenants enjoy the feeling of traveling back in time, you should renovate that property ASAP!

But what if you don’t have the budget to renovate the property? No problem! You should rejuvenate that rental property instead.

How Can You Rejuvenate Your Rental?

Since renovations can literally cost tens of thousands of dollars, you can breathe new life into your property by rejuvenating it or improving what’s already there.

  • Painting wooden cabinets can change the entire look of a room when picking an appealing neutral like white, grey, dark mahogany, or navy.
  • Replacing the nobs and handles on cabinets is a quick installation that can be done in less than an hour. With so many stainless steel and bronze options to choose from, the new fixtures will add a little bling to your kitchen making it look more expensive
  • Add trim! So many rental properties save money during construction and never add trim around windows, wall AC units, custom cabinetry. The trim doesn’t have to be anything special but installing some framing (that matches the color of your door and floor trim) around your wall installations will give your property character and a look that says the details matter.
  • Paint the walls! If your property needs a refreshing look then the walls are bound to have a few wear and tear scratches and scuffs. Cover those fading walls or add some life to boring white with a soft color or a soothing neutral. Light yellows, blues, and greens are okay but if you want to stick with the neutrals, light grey is the new beige for interior design.
  • Furniture or porcelain polish! With the right cleaning tools, you can make almost anything look several years younger. Give your bathroom a great scrub down and look at re-doing the porcelain in dirty areas with stains. Grab some furniture polish and give your thirsty wooden installations a rejuvenating sheen.


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