With blackouts becoming the “new normal” across California because of the wildfires, Californians are learning how to survive blackouts during the fire season.

If you’ve never had to deal with blackouts before, this article will provide you with several tips you can use for surviving blackouts during the fire season.

Tips for Surviving Blackouts.

Tip 1 – Don’t wait for it to happen, get ready for it

Although we don’t want to think that blackouts will happen to us, the reality is that they’ve already happened to parts of Monterey County already so if you haven’t faced a blackout yet it’s best to start preparing for one now.

Go to your local Walmart or Big Lots and stock up on things like LED lights, batteries, battery-operated appliances and other devices that you need to keep your house running during a blackout.

If you shop at Walmart, they offer a variety of portable LED light options, as well as lanterns in their camping isle.

Tip 2 – Release your garage door before the blackout

To avoid not being able to open your garage door during a blackout, it’s best to release the garage door before the blackout hits. Doing this will enable you to open your garage door and get your vehicle out even if the garage door doesn’t have power.

Tip 3 – Remember to not open your fridge during the blackout

Another important thing to remember during a blackout is that you can’t open your fridge for any reason when there isn’t power because the more times that you open it, the cool air will escape your fridge and your food will spoil.

One thing you can do to save your food from spoiling during a blackout is to invest in a portable cooler then when you’re notified of a blackout you can fill that cooler with ice and store your milk, or frozen food in the igloo until the blackout is over.

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