In today’s world, roughly 50 percent of renters in the United States have pets (source – American Veterinary Association) and many of those pets are dogs.

As someone who owns investment properties, you have to be ready for rental applications from tenants who own dogs. The big question is should you accept all dogs or ban certain breeds from your rental property?

In this article, we will provide you with a breakdown of which dog breeds you should consider banning from your rental property.

Dog Breeds to Ban from Your Rental Property

German Shepherds – Although many people regard this breed of dog with affection, German Shepherds are responsible for a large number of fatal dogs attacks each year. Why? They are very loyal to their owners and may perceive something as a threat even if it’s not a threat at all.

Rottweilers – Yes, not all Rottweilers are bad dogs but this breed of dog is responsible for a large number of mauling’s and deaths from dog bites each year.

Pitt Bulls – Last of all is Pitt bulls, these dogs if left untrained can also be very dangerous and should be approached with caution.

Thanks to a recent study by we know that in a 13-year span, Pitt bulls were responsible for killing about 300 people while the number of fatalities attributed to German shepherds came in at a close second.

Not all dogs are bad if you plan on allowing a smaller breed dog make sure that you get some form of certification which shows where and when the dog was trained. You should also require your tenants to carry a dangerous breed exclusion on their renter’s insurance policy just to make sure that they are being responsible and prepared for their dog possibly biting someone else.

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