There’s no doubt that the Airbnb Market has been dead since the month of March due to Coronavirus and many people who own Airbnb’s in the Monterey area have been stuck with vacant long-term rental properties for weeks now.

What’s the solution to the problem? Instead of continuing to have a vacant Airbnb, why not turn that short term rental property into a long-term rental property instead?

What to Expect from Turning Your Monterey Airbnb Into A Long-Term Property

The process of turning your vacant Monterey California Airbnb into a long-term rental property is actually very simple. Our company can assist you with transitioning your property into a long-term rental and save you all the hassle of having to do it yourself so that you can focus on your job, family, or business without having to actually manage your short term rental property like you did in the past.

Our company can provide you with a wide variety of Property Management Services ranging from tenant placement, tenant selection, maintenance, accounting, customer service and so much more.

With 36 North Property Management managing your Monterey California rental property, you can have complete confidence in our Property Management Services and know that we’re going to handle everything for you so that there’s nothing that you have to do yourself.

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