Since the start of Coronavirus, the world has changed and most people fear the thought of catching the virus since it’s been known to still be transmittable especially on a surface for up to 7 days.

To eliminate the threat of Coronavirus, and establish trust in the minds of future tenants, landlords should focus on thoroughly cleaning their rental properties after their tenants have moved out.

How To Clean A Rental Property

The first thing to do after your tenant moves out of your rental property is to inspect the property to make sure that they did not leave anything behind.

If the tenant has left things behind like trash, debris, or other personal items, you should hire a contractor to dispose of those items for you or you should wear the proper safety gear and remove those items from the property yourself.

Once everything is removed from your rental property, it’s time to start cleaning the property from top to bottom. Follow this checklist to make sure that you give your rental property a thorough cleaning.

  • Clean each room – This includes floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Wash windows on the inside and outside.
  • Remove markings that were left on walls.
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean and vacuum carpets
  • Replace batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors
  • Remove and replace all burned out light bulbs

After taking the steps to thoroughly clean your rental property from top to bottom, you should evaluate the rental to verify if it needs to be painted or if the flooring needs to be replaced.

Let’s say that you found out that your previous tenant contracted coronavirus while living in your rental property. If that’s the case, you should seriously consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to clean and sanitize the rental property for you so that you can ensure the safety of the future tenant who will be living in their property.

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