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Hiring a property management company is more important than ever before, especially in a changing rental market where most tenants may not be able to pay their rent in the coming months due to coronavirus.

I own a single-family home or multifamily property that you’re renting out, now is the right time to connect with a property management company because we know the laws and will help your rental property to stay profitable.

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Rent Strikes May Be Coming

Tenants across California are organizing rent strikes for April, arguing they will not be able to pay their landlords for the foreseeable future and that the minimal protections now in place fail to provide relief for vulnerable renters.

As COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have led to a surge in unemployment and slowed down the state’s economy, the California governor, Gavin Newsom, has passed a two-month delay on imposing evictions for people who cannot pay rent due to the crisis. His order prevents the enforcement of evictions until the end of May but requires tenants to repay the full amount later, forces renters to jump through numerous hoops and opens the door for evictions to resume in June.

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