Airbnb owners in Monterey CA have been faced with little choices regarding their rental properties in recent weeks because bookings have dried up due to coronavirus.

What’s the solution to the problem? Owners who have short term rentals in Monterey should turn those rentals into long term rental properties.

36 North Property Management Can Help!

At 36 North Property Management, we understand the complexities of the Monterey CA Rental market and can make the process of turning your short-term rental into a long-term investment property easy.

Our company has decades of combined property management experience and we can assist you in turning your Airbnb into a long-term rental quickly so that you can get that property back into profit once again.

Some of the property management services that we can offer you include property marketing, rent collection, maintenance, customer service, accounting, tenant selection and more!

Now Is the Right Time for Long Term Rentals

As California and most states struggle with coronavirus (COVID-19), it makes sense for investors who have short term rentals to turn those properties into long term rentals.

It may take the short-term rental market months or up to one year to recover so why should you let your property sit vacant when you can get it back into profit now by converting that Airbnb into a long-term rental property?

The 36 North Property Management team continues to work during coronavirus! We work remotely to stop the spread of the virus and our maintenance team remains ready to help with all of our rental property maintenance needs.

To learn more about the services we can offer you, contact us today by calling (831) 484-4604 or click here to connect with us online.