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36 North Property Management Oldtown Salinas Co-working Space

36 North Property Management Oldtown Salinas Co-working Spaces Our co-working concept looks to support local businesses and non-profits in their success. We provide a clean, professional, hip environment that offers networking and creativity amongst members. Our spaces are offered on a 6-month, 12-month, or month-to-month bases making it easy for your business to expand and contract. […]

Keeping Your Tenants To Produce More Profits

In the real estate game, when we are talking rental properties, one of the most important things that will help you earn more money is long term tenants. The longer the tenant stays, the lower the number of unit turnovers you will have. Turnovers cost money! So as owners, we should do everything possible to […]

Co-Working Space FAQ

Co-Working Space FAQ What is Co-working? Co-working is a shared work environment. We have been seeing this concept pop up in many locations all over the state. This concept provides new and established businesses and non-profits the ability to grow and contract with ease. It also provides great networking opportunities in a creative environment. Our […]