Are you planning on purchasing a Monterey county investment property? If so, one of the best things you can do is hire a property manager to help you purchase that new property.

How A Property Manager Can Help You Choose A New Investment Property

If you’ve never hired a property manager in the past, here are several ways we can help you choose the right investment property.

We have an eye for detail – When you hire a property manager like 36 North Property Management, you can expect us to have an eye for detail. We will thoroughly scrutinize the health of the property, including its mechanical systems, and give you a complete analysis on if the rental is a prime investment property or not.

We understand the real costs – Every investment property has long term costs that should be considered before you purchase it. When you work with a property management company you can have confidence that we will consider all long-term costs that could potentially involved with the property just so you’re not caught off guard when costs arise over time

We make sure that the property is “tenant friendly” – One of the most important reasons to hire a property management company is we will make sure that the property is rentable or tenant friendly. This means that besides the general condition of the property, we will be on the lookout for anything that could pose a challenge to renting the property after you purchase it.

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