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It doesn’t matter if you rent, own a home or rental property in California, you owe it to yourself to make your voice heard on AB 1482 and AB 1481 by calling your assembly member and urging them to vote NO on both of these bills.

Why Vote No on AB 1481 and AB 1482?

Since the November 2018 election, politicians in California have been eager to pass rent control in some form and Governor Newsom has promised to sign any rent control bills that come to his desk.

AB 1481 – This bill would make it more difficult for owners to evict tenants without first showing that they have a “just cause” to do so.

AB 1482 – If approved, this bill would set a statewide rent cap and make it impossible for owners who own small portfolios of rental properties across California to keep their rentals updated.

Make Your Voice Heard

Don’t spend another day without telling your assembly member that you oppose both of these bills because if approved, AB 1481 and AB 1482 will further tighten the inventory of affordable rental housing in California and make life more difficult for owners and tenants alike.

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