Do you have one or more vacant rental properties in Salinas or elsewhere in the Monterey County area? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

There’s nothing worse than having a vacant rental property because of the obvious fact that if your rental is sitting vacant, you’re not earning any income.

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of things you can do to market your vacant rental properties online by doing the following:

Take New Photos and Videos of Your Rental Property

From the moment that your rental property becomes vacant, you should list that property online with photos and videos of your property.

If it’s been a few years though since you had new pictures and video taken of your property, you should either hire someone or stop by your rental property to take new pictures and videos. Pictures with old date/time stamps will only make your rental property look old and make some tenants wonder if something is wrong with your rental.

When shooting video of the rental property you want to walk through each room of the home, talk about the dimensions of the rooms, features offered, and anything that’s seen in the video which will not be in the rental when it’s rented by the new tenant.

Stick to The Facts and Eliminate the Fluff

During the process of marketing your vacant rental properties online, you should focus on using as many facts as possible about the property while eliminating the fluff or unnecessary information.

An example of unnecessary information includes talking about your rental property in terms of “charming” or “beautiful”. Stick with the specifics like location, bedrooms, bathrooms or on-site amenities because this will be more appealing to people who would be potentially interested in renting the property compared to talking about your rental in appealing terms.

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