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The California State legislature has been hard at work in 2019 doing everything they can to curb homelessness in the state and one of the most recent bills that have been proposed is AB-1188.

If approved, this bill would give tenants the ability to open up their rental homes to family members if they are facing homelessness.

Bill Text

AB 1188, as introduced, Gabriel. Tenancy: family members at risk of homelessness.

Existing law specifies various terms and conditions that apply to all persons who hire dwelling units located within this state, including prohibiting a landlord from engaging in specified acts for the purpose of influencing a tenant to vacate a dwelling.

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to allow a tenant in a residential rental unit to provide housing to a family member who is at risk of homelessness in that unit.


The obvious controversy with this bill is that it would give tenants the freedom to break their leases and provide individuals who they claim are their “family members” with shelter for up to 12 months.

Although the specifics haven’t been finalized with AB-1188 yet, there’s no doubt that this bill is going to be another battlefront for our state legislators who are intent on stopping the housing crisis in California any way they can.

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