Last week the California Apartment Association met for its legislative conference to discuss the wide variety of legislative issues affecting investors who own rental housing in California. Some of the issues that were discussed included: AB 1482, California’s anti-gouging rent control bill and other housing related bills like SB 50.

More than 400 professionals involved in rental housing in California showed up for the conference and then walked to the capital where they went to offices to make their presence known and let our elected officials know their stance on the hot button issues that landlords face in 2019.

The Busiest Year for Landlord-Tenant Relations Ever?

There’s no doubt that 2019 is developing into one of the busiest years ever for landlord-tenant issues in California because most renters are eager for some form of rent control while our elected officials are also eager to pass legislation to solve the problem of high rents in the Golden State.

The problem with rent control though is that legislation like AB 1482 doesn’t solve the supply vs. demand problem of rental housing in California and rent control could actually hurt the rental market more than help it.


If statewide rent control is passed, the new law could make California less desirable for builders and investors since they know that they wouldn’t be able to charge fair market rents for their properties in California.

What’s Next for California?

Regardless if you’re an owner or renter, it’s up to everyone who lives in California to call their elected officials and tell them that they oppose rent control because unless more voters stand up against rent control like they did in November 2018 statewide rent control could become a reality here sooner rather than later.

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