With more people than ever before experiencing symptoms of asthma and allergies in Monterey County and across the United States, the County of Monterey is doing something about that by releasing the healthy homes toolkit.

The healthy homes toolkit is a comprehensive document that shows homeowners and renters how to improve the air quality in their homes.

About the Healthy Homes Toolkit

Since more people are showing signs of having allergies than ever before, it makes sense for every Monterey County resident to grab a copy of the healthy home’s toolkit.

Inside this document you will find information on:

  • How to make changes that will improve indoor air quality
  • Information on indoor air quality and asthma triggers
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products that you can use in your home

Besides providing plenty of straightforward information about asthma and allergies in the home, the healthy homes toolkit also offers a detailed “self-assessment” that anyone can use to clean and improve the indoor air quality of their homes themselves.

To grab a copy of the healthy home’s toolkit, CLICK HERE.

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