Cannabis may be legal in California but it doesn’t come without restrictions including the fact that you’re not allowed to cultivate more than six plants at a time. If someone is caught growing more than six plants, they can expect to be fined $500 for every plant that exceeds that number.

In Sacramento, it’s not been the tenants who have been getting fined for growing more than six plants at a time, the landlords have been getting hit with fines that have totaled close to $100 million dollars in the last two years.

Sadly, landlords are typically last to know that their tenants have been violating the law and they end up paying for their tenant’s mistakes while the offender can go about their normal life without any repercussions.

It’s easy to see why Sacramento officials are targeting landlords because they generally are high net worth individuals and are able to pay those fines quickly unlike the actual offenders who only have to pay a $500 fine and attend community service.

The Consequences of Legalizing Cannabis in California

Although many people rejoiced when California legalized Cannabis, rental owners in Sacramento have paid a heavy price because of this new law.

One rental owner who contacted CAA thoroughly screens tenants, performs annual inspections as required by the city’s inspection program, and even drives by the property once a month. 

Yet the city issued the owner a $17,500 fine after someone reported marijuana plants being grown in a backyard greenhouse and the police conducted a raid. The owner expects to pay $5,000 for an attorney to appeal the fine. 

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