There’s no denying that in today’s world most people use their smartphones for pretty much everything. This is because most smartphones have the ability to call, text, email, video chat, surf the web and do almost anything that you could possibly conceive of needing to do on a daily basis.

With the increased use of smartphones and cell phones across the United States, some landlords or property owners may be thinking about removing the phone wiring from their investment property but is this really a good idea?

Don’t Remove That Phone Wiring Just Yet

Although most people these days use their mobile phones while they’re inside their home, the reality is that there still is a small percentage of homeowners and renters out there who prefer to use a landline phone.

Recent studies by the National Center for Health Statistics show that roughly 35% of the population in the United States still prefers to use a corded phone even while they’re inside their home, rather than using their mobile phones.

Yes, it’s true that most people who prefer using a corded phone over a mobile phone are senior citizens but, continuing to keep a corded phone or landline in your rental property is a smart move because it gives you the ability to offer your tenants another option to connect with the outside world especially if their mobile phone service stops working for some reason.

Always Hire A Trained Professional Before Starting A Construction Project

Even though it may be tempting to rip that phone line out of your Monterey area investment property, the reality is that regardless if you decide to take that phone line out or not, you should always hire a trained professional before starting any major renovation or construction project.

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