Are you thinking about buying investment properties in Monterey County or the surrounding area? If so, in this article we will share with you several tips on how you can protect yourself when buying investment properties.

Tip #1 – Choose The Right Location

Before buying an investment property you should always make sure that the property is first in a great location where there’s a high demand for rental properties all year long.

Thankfully, you can research locations online where potential investment properties are located just so you can find out things like: what the local job market is like, restaurants that may be nearby, amenities and other local attractions.

Tip #2 – Buy Title Insurance

Yes, a title insurance policy is always vital when buying investment properties because you want to protect yourself if the home has title issues.

Tip #3 – Make A Smart Offer

Before making an offer on an investment property in Monterey County, or elsewhere in the United States, you always want to make a smart offer. This is done by doing a comparable analysis of other properties in the area so you can verify what other properties are worth and if the area as a who is going up or down in value.

Tip #4 – Ge A Good Inspection

Always get the investment property inspected regardless of where it’s located because you may find out that it’s in need of serious repair and you never want to go into buying a property sight unseen.

Tip #5 – Get Property Management

Last of all, but most important, if you’re committed to growing your real estate investment portfolio it’s always best to hire a skilled Monterey County Property Management company.

At 36 North Property Management, we can help you with all of your property management needs including rent collection, maintenance, customer service and more!

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