One of the most common questions that many renters have is if landlords are required to provide appliances.

The answer to this question is no. Landlords in California and across the United States are not required to provide appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators. This is why many rental properties in the state do not have appliances, although it’s common to find that some rental properties will have all the appliances that you need but in most cases those properties are being rented for a higher monthly rent.

What exactly are landlords required to provide?

Yes landlords in California are not required to provide appliances, but they are required to provide the following:  they must make sure that their buildings follow all safety codes and standards, has a heat source for the cold winter months, have hot and cold running water, a working sewage disposal system, working electric system, is pest free, and is water resistant.

Once a landlord in California has met all of these requirements, they can be considered to have legally to filled their obligation to provide their tenants with a habitable rental property.

Should landlords provide appliances?

The answer to the question of should a landlord provide appliances depends upon the landlord and the situation.

Since there is an inventory shortage in California, most landlords don’t have to concern themselves with providing appliances but, a landlord who is trying to market a newer rental property may want to consider renting that property with appliances because it may attract more interest from renters.

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