Do you have a problem tenant who’s currently living in one of your Monterey County Rental Properties? If so, like most landlords you may be wondering if you should offer them a cash for keys deal or proceed with an eviction.

The reality is that when it comes to dealing with a problem tenant there is no easy decision for you to make, that’s why in this article we will offer you reasons to consider cash for keys versus choosing eviction.

Why Consider Cash for Keys?

Yes, it’s true that no landlord likes to evict their tenant because eviction in the state of California can take up to 60 days for it to be finished, that’s why instead of considering eviction, you should seriously think about going with cash for keys option instead

Why should you consider cash for keys? The number one reason to consider cash for keys is the fact that it’s less of a hassle than having to go through the eviction process and it’s not as time-consuming either because, you won’t have to spend the money on hiring process servers or spending your valuable time in court.

How long does it take? The whole process can easily take up to one week to be completed.

When starting this process out you should offer a low amount of $250 and then negotiate upwards from there. 

Many landlords will typically offer the exact amount that the tenant could expect to pay in court fees while others sometimes offer half of the first month’s rent plus the security deposit as major incentives to get a problem tenant to move out.

Regardless of the cash for keys amount that you choose to go with, make sure that you write up a cash for keys letter that your tenant has to sign. It’s also important for you to remember to be present on the day that they move out of the property just so that you can have your team available to inspect the property, make repairs, clean it up and get it ready for rent to the next tenant.

How Long Do Evictions Take in California?

This all depends on if your tenant decides to contest the matter or not. On average, it’s a 50/50 percent on cases being contested or defaulted. If the tenant does not respond or contest the matter, possession is granted by default. If the tenant does respond, then possession is granted by the judgment at trial.

How many days from the time the eviction case is filed all depends upon the courts and which California County you are in. California went through a series of court closures a few years ago and some counties basically went from fifteen filing courts to only five which has had a huge impact on the time frame of how long an eviction takes.

Generally, it can take between thirty-five and sixty days if the eviction is not contested by the tenant. If the tenant contests the eviction, it can then take between sixty and ninety days.

However, it must be understood that the notice process contributes to the total time the eviction process takes from the time of first serving the notice. In other words, if you serve a tenant a 60 Days’ Notice to Vacate the time frame for the Unlawful Detainer runs after that 60 day expires.

So how long the eviction process takes is dependent upon when the Unlawful Detainer is actually filed with the court – and depends upon the California County you are in. For example, one week the courts can be backlogged for two weeks. A couple of weeks later it’s relatively open. We don’t have control over the court.

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