There’s no denying that summer is almost here because warmer days are around the corner and with those warmer days it’s not uncommon for many people in Monterey County or elsewhere across the United States to be using their air conditioners on a regular basis.

Since many people rely upon their air conditioners to keep them cool during the summer months one of the big questions that most tenants have is if it’s the landlord’s responsibility to provide an air conditioner in the rental property?

Landlords Are Not Required To Provide Air Conditioning

Thanks to the “implied warranty of habitability”, we know that landlords in California and other states are not required to provide air conditioning in a rental property.

A typical rental property must have working gas, heat, electric and functional plumbing systems like operational sinks, toilets, and a bathtub, or bathtub/shower combination.

Some of the other things that a rental property must have in order to be considered “habitable” include doors that lock, a non leaking roof, adequate ventilation, a place to dispose of garbage, and safe emergency exits for the tenant to leave the rental property in case of a fire or a natural disaster.

Although most people enjoy having air conditioning in their rental properties, it’s not necessarily considered to be something that landlords are expected to provide unless of course their rental property is located in a city like Dallas Texas, or Arizona, were landlords are legally required to provide their tenants with “refrigerated air” that’s at least 20 degrees cooler than the temperature outside from April 1st through November first of every year.

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