Are you planning on turning your Salinas home into a rental property? If so, like most people you’re probably wondering if your property is going to make a great rental property.

In this article, we will provide you with some simple questions to ask that you can use to confirm if your home will make a great rental property or not.


Is your home located next to the highway, bust stop or another source of public transportation? If so, this is one great sign that it could potentially be a good rental property because renters want to live in a property that’s conveniently located so they can easily commute to their jobs.


Do you own a home that’s close to shops, stores and other fun things that people like to do in Salinas? If so, your property may be a good fit for renters because most renters also want to live in properties that are centrally located and are close to shops, stores and the things that they like to do on a regular basis.

Condition of Your Home

Is your home in excellent condition? If so, you shouldn’t have any problems renting it because renters want to live in a property that’s been well maintained and loved by their owners over the years.

If your property needs some help with maintenance or renovations, you should pay close attention to the work that needs to be done because most renters don’t want to live in a property that looks “scary” because it’s not been maintained by its owner.

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