2019 is now just a few days away and like many owners you probably are wondering what we can expect from the new year especially when it comes to housing related legislation since 2018 was a contentious year due to rent control coming up for vote in the November elections.

The good news is that 2019 isn’t an election year in California but that doesn’t mean we can rest easy since the many housing related bills are getting ready to hit capitol hill including the following:

Rent control

AB 36 by Assemblyman Howard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, aims to enact legislation to stabilize rental prices. No details are yet included in this rent control bill. In 2017, Bloom carried AB 1506, a bill that would have repealed the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and brought radical rent control back to California.

Criminal background

AB 53 by Assemblymen Reginald Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles and Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, like past proposals, would prohibit the owner of a rental housing accommodation from inquiring about, or requiring an applicant for rental housing accommodation to disclose, a criminal record during the initial application assessment phase, as defined, unless otherwise required by state or federal law. The bill would permit an owner of a rental housing accommodation, after the successful completion of the initial application assessment phase, to request a criminal background check of the applicant and consider an applicant’s criminal record in deciding whether to rent or lease to the applicant.

Source – caanet.org

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