Residents of Woodland Park apartments recently learned Alliance Residential, the property management company that manages the East Palo Alto building, is now requiring tenants to show their ID when they pay their rents.

The new requirement was immediately met with protests by the building’s residents who protested outside the headquarters of Alliance Residential with the goal of getting the company to rescind their new policy.

About the Policy

When they first learned about the new policy, many residents voiced their concern since most of the tenants who live in the Woodland Park Apartment building are immigrants and residents felt that asking someone for their ID before they pay their rent is a way for the property management company to potentially intimidate and possibly evict the large group of immigrants that live in the building.

After being asked about the policy, Alliance Residential promptly denied any allegations of wrongdoing and said that residents were not required to show ID before paying rent but their regional manager later defended the practice in another interview.

Although Alliance Residential hasn’t backed down from their policy, the company has confirmed that residents have multiple ways to pay their rents. Tenants can drop off their checks in the drop box and online but they still require residents who want to drop a check off at the office to show proof of ID with the check.

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