Following the historic loss of Proposition 10 during the November 2018 election, the battle over rent control in California was only put on pause for a few months as our elected officials went back to the drawing board to come up with more bill’s to make rent control law in California.

Tomorrow, April 25th, 2019, the California Assembly committee on Housing and Community Development is going to hold special hearings on two brand-new pieces of rent control legislation.

The first piece of legislation is AB 1482, is a bill which if approved will apply rent control to every single unit in the state of California. The second bill is AB36 is legislation which would weaken the Costa Hawkins Act and make it possible for cities and counties across the state to enact their own rent control laws over single-family homes and newer construction.

Why Owners And Renters Should Make Their Voices Heard

Regardless if you are an owner or renter in the state of California, you should contact your assembly member to voice your opposition to these bills because it’s highly likely that rent control will be approved in some form in California during 2019 especially since the state of Oregon recently approved statewide rent control this year.

Sadly, if rent control were approved in California, many economists predict that it will only further stifle the problem of affordable housing within the state because more companies will be reluctant to build here especially if they know that their new rentals will fall under rent control.

The issue of affordable housing in California will not be solved with rent control, at its core the lack of affordable housing in the state can be traced to supply and demand. Everyone from Governor Newsom, on down to our local officials, should be doing everything that they can to make it easier for companies to build more homes in the state, instead of continuing to stifle construction.

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