Rental maintenance, particularly emergency maintenance, requires consistent policies and procedures. The first thing any landlord or management company needs to do is set those up so tenants know how to submit maintenance requests. Let them know if they should text, make a phone call, or send the request online.

Online Repair and Maintenance Requests

Our company has a property management software system that allows tenants to log into their tenant portal and submit maintenance requests. They can attach photos and videos so we can really see what’s going on at the property. This system allows us to understand the issue and send the appropriate vendor. It also gives us documentation. We know when the request was submitted and how quickly we sent it to our vendors. We can also track when the problem was resolved.

Working with Professional Vendors

Next, it’s important to put together vendor procedures. Decide how you want vendors to enter the property, and whether you’re comfortable with them going into the home alone. We require vendors to be accompanied by another individual who is 18 years of age or older. That way, we have two adults in the property who can document what the property looked like when they entered, what was repaired, and what happened while they were inside the home.

Make sure the vendors are licensed, insured, and bonded. They also need workers compensation insurance for their employees. This protects the property as a whole, and ensures you’re getting quality work. If anything happens, the appropriate insurance is in place to protect you.

Be Responsive with Maintenance

Take care of maintenance requests quickly. The speed with which you get back to tenants will set the tone for your relationship. Your responsiveness will make them feel that the information they are providing you is valued. When you act fast, you also let the tenants know that you value the relationship and you’re taking care of the property promptly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about property maintenance, please contact us at 36 North Properties. We provide professional property management in the Monterey Peninsula and Salinas Valley.

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