Every region in the United States is unique in terms of weather, climate, demographic, architecture, and more. That means that each region is also going to have its own unique real estate market and its own “best time of year to sell.”

Salinas, California, is just a drive away from both San Jose and Monterey Bay, and is also within a day’s drive from Los Angeles, making it a perfect location for those who want to escape busy California city life but who also want to be able to access it in a day’s notice. The city also has a fairly mild climate, which makes guessing the best time of year to sell a bit trickier without some data. Here’s how to determine the best time to sell your house in Salinas based on the numbers.

Determine how quickly you need to sell

People sell their home for a variety of reasons, and some need to sell a bit faster than others. If you’re someone who needs to sell their home as fast as possible, then look for months when homes go off the market faster than other months. The best time to sell your house in Salinas quickly is in May, when homes sell around 5.4 days faster than the monthly average. There are a variety of reasons why homes might sell so fast in this spring month, but if you need a quick sale, May is the month to do so. Since it takes about three months for homes in Salinas to sell after having been listed, plan to list your home in March.

If you’re in no real rush to sell your home, then take advantage of the months when homes sell for the most money. In Salinas, the prime time to sell for the most money is April, when homes sell for around 9.17% more than the average. This is a pretty high percentage, especially since California isn’t known to be inexpensive. By planning accordingly, you can sell your house for a great deal! To take advantage of these statistics by listing your home in February since it takes about three months between listing and closing.

Based on the data for Salinas, early spring is the time to list your home whether you’re in a hurry or not. However, selling your home during these months doesn’t guarantee you success. A lot of planning is still necessary.

Now what?

Luckily, fall is barely on its way in! This means that you still have plenty of time to start planning. Before making any big moves, do a little bit of research and find a guide on how to sell a house that caters to Salinas homeowners. Hire a real estate agent with experience in the area, get a head start on any necessary home improvements, and take the time to understand the market trends in your specific neighborhood. Spring is going to be here faster than you think, and getting a foot in the door now can mean a successful sale down the road.

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